Monday, March 16, 2015

Baldino's & ALOA

Mark Baldino has worked closely with the group ALOA, Associated Locksmiths of America, on the nationwide "locksmith scammer" problem for years. Google Maps has been Mark's #1 target, and he has successfully helped clean up each map in the D.C, Maryland, and Virginia area. Now, when you Google 'locksmith, alexandria va' you will not find thousands of imitation locksmiths. Although some still exist, the problem was noticed and slowly (in his area being) taken care of. 

In an e-mail, President of ALOA, Thomas Demont said "ALOA has worked on the issue of locksmith scams for almost ten (10) years now. The story is familiar in many states: an out-of-state company hires a number of unscrupulous individuals in the area to sub-contract its work using assumed business names, fake addresses and phone numbers. Each time consumers have been over-charged, under serviced, and just plain lied to! This is not the only problem with scammers in the security industry, just one example." 

So what can you do? Research a locksmith to have on hand if you are in a bind. Have their name and phone number programed in your phone already! A great starting place is to visit  - there you can look up locksmiths in your area. 

Also check this video out!

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