Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Keeping Your Family Safe: The Gun Debate Rages On

After the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary and the infamous Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting the topic of gun control is in full blown debate mode. We don't want to get in the middle but we do feel this is a good time to remind people....if you do keeps guns in your house, there are ways to keep them there safely.

Here are some statistics from the DHSH:

Firearm Ownership
  • 40% of American households have guns
  • 4% of children in American homes live in homes with at least one firearm

Storage Practices 
  • 28% do not always keep guns locked in a secure place
  • 25% only “occasionally” lock and store the bullets separate from the
  • 48% do not regularly make sure that guns are equipped with child
    safety and trigger locks
  • In 30% of hand gun owning homes, the gun was stored unlocked and
    loaded at the time of the survey 
  • In 72% of unintentional deaths and injuries, suicide and suicide attempts, the
    firearm was stored in the residence of the victim
  • 47% of high school kids and 22% of middle school kids said they could get a
  •  6% of high school kids said they had carried a gun to school within the last 30
  • 72% of parents think their kids would not handle a gun without their
 There are many different sizes, types, and brands of gun safes in different price ranges. The best way to find a safe that will work best for your household is to come in and speak with one of our safe specialists and see the safe in person.

Click HERE to see a Safe Selection Guideline you can look at to help in your decision.