Friday, May 31, 2013

One Stop Shop

If you have been in a Baldino's Lock and Key within the last couple of years (and we hope you have) then you've probably noticed some of our locations sell ink jet and toner cartridges as well. Odd? Maybe... but, just like Al Baldino thought all of those years back, Mark Baldino, his son saw something everyone needed and made it so!

While ink and locksmithing don't necessarily go hand in hand both are here to help our customers. While Baldino's help protects your families, belongings, and homes Rapid Refill helps you save money AND the environment.  Rapid Refill sells recycled ink cartridges. We have all the most popular brands and you can save up to 30%. There is no reason to buy new cartridges every time yours runs out. Recycling saves on plastic making sure the environment doesn't get littered. 

So, next time you walk into a Baldino's or Rapid Refill don't be confused! We are your one stop shop for ink, toner, and locks!!