Thursday, October 2, 2014

High Security is Right for Everyone

A few days ago Baldino's Lock and Key posted a Facebook article from Today warning against new technology and how we suggest high security locks. What is the difference you may ask though? Between regular locks and high security locks.

The main goal of a high security lock is to keep something you have safe. No lock is indestructible, but compared to a regular lock system high security locks are a lot more difficult to beat. If somebody wants to get in it will be very time consuming making it more likely the thief will get caught.

The key way (where you insert the key) and how the key grooves are made is visibly different on both keys. The construction of the high security lock makes it harder for tools to maneuver inside ... thus making it more difficult to pick.

High security locks are also made from strong materials making them resistant to tools like screw drivers, and steel rods.

These special keys also require permission to be duplicated. You must have a card to show before a locksmith can make a copy. This helps prevent keys floating around and getting into the wrong hands.

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 As well as the Today article we posted! CLICK HERE

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