Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Smart Phone to Smart Home

Home security monitoring is entreating a new era. The residential lock market is growing with technology and a new set of locks and access control systems are being introduced to the consumer.

Today everyone has a cell phone, and they aren't just phones for making calls ... they are smart phones. These phones are smart because they are used for everything from talking, mapping travel, shopping, car remotes, and face to face messaging. Now you can include key to that list.

At the center of it all is the traditional lock which grants us entry through a metal key. In our homes we have even upgraded to the push button or 'fob' to key into our homes and offices. Using your phones blue tooth, wifi, or an application as a handsfree way to enter, and the idea of the smart home is entering the mainstream.

Next time you have your handful with groceries wouldn't it be nice to just walk up ... have your lock recognize you and open? If you can't get home and a pet sitter needs to get in to let your pet out? No problem ... just send them a digital key with a time frame for them to use.

Smart home access control systems come in all forms and in different price ranges. Some require you upgrade your entire home and some you can actually put over your current deadbolt.

Wire.com took the time to compare 5 different smart locks on the market.

1) August Smart Lock
2) Lockitron - Keyless Entry with your Phone
3) Nexia Home Intelligence 
4) Goji Smart Lock
5) Kwikset Kevo

You can read the full article on on these locks here http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/06/smart-locks/.

With all phone applications there have been worries that your system can be hacked if your phone is lost or stolen. Some smart phone companies are taking precautions to keep your privacy safe. They also recommend you have a passcode lock on your phone.

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