Monday, November 11, 2013

Safety Technology

School safety is always at the top of everyone's mind but recent events have only amplified concerns. If you work in the education industry, or have a child that is enrolled in school, we know you are aware of how essential it is to choose the right security package for that school. Door locks and hardware are the first step to ensuring the safety of students, and faculty.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing locks. One of the biggest is mechanical vs. electronic. ASSA ABLOY and Baldino's can help you find a set that will benefit each school and meet any industry security requirements.

Baldino's can go over each step and set you up with the perfect solution of ASSA ABLOY lock.

Step #1 – Clearly identify/ define expectations
Step #2 – Evaluate current policies and practices
Step #3 – Assess existing opening to ensure current security is fully functional
Step #4 – Prepare a plan to address security concerns

photo credit: ASSA ABLOY 
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