Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Utilities Department Looks To Nexgen XT Padlocks For Accountability

A Southeastern utilities department was receiving reports of unsecure gates at remote water treatment plants throughout the city. After doing some research the utilities department discovered that padlocks were being left unlocked by employees. To address the security concern, the department installed 30 Nexgen XT small format interchangeable cores into the existing padlocks; which provided the necessary accountability and control. After trying the padlocks, the utilities department then expanded their system to accommodate additional facilities.

Many utility companies share challenges in providing accountability for remote facility locations. eCylinder solutions, particularly in padlock applications, provide a cost effective solution to enhance the accountability and control of remote facility security.

As an authorized Medeco Security Center, we carry the full line of Nexgen XT and eCylinder products. Contact us to today to find out how eCylinder can help address your remote facility costs.

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