Sunday, January 22, 2012

Test Your Locksmith: Are You, Your Friends, and Family Using a Reliable Locksmith?

We’ve told you before and we will tell you again … when choosing a locksmith checking out their credentials is essential to getting quality work.
The first thing most people do when they decide they need locksmith service is to get on their computer or whip out their phone and Google locksmith. Google returns the search with pages and pages of local locksmith companies. The problem is, most of these companies are not local. They advertise service in all areas with fake addresses, business names, and phone numbers. When you call you are actually dialing an 800 number that goes to a call center in another state. You may wonder what is wrong with that? Sometimes nothing, a few locksmiths are only mobile locksmiths with an office out of their home. If this is the case they will have the necessary credentials for the state they practice out of. Most of the time unfortunately, these locksmiths do not have the proper training and by law should not be practicing services in any area.
When you go to hire a locksmith try some of these things to make sure they are legitimate.
-When you call for service ask if they have a DCJS license
-Don’t choose just on price. If you think the price is to good to be true, it probably is.
-A locksmith doing any type of service should give you an estimate and go over the problem with you. If at the end of your service they tell you the price has doubled or tripled and the tech did not ask you before he continued is not a fair locksmith or giving you quality customer service.
-Find a locksmith BEOFRE you need one. Check out their credentials and visit their location to get a feel for if they will be a good fit for your needs. Put the number of the company in your phone so you will have it in emergency situations.
Here are some helpful websites to visit:

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