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Relax! Your home will be safe if you follow these tips...

Summer Vacation Safety Tips

It's officially summer! That means vacations, and lots of time away from the house. We don't want to ruin your fun - but most robberies happen during the summer months because families are out of town. Not to worry though, Baldino's wants to keep your home safe, so here are some vacation safety tips you can follow.

Cancel your mail and newspaper. Mail and newspapers piling up will be noticed. Filling out a simple form with the post office and calling the newspaper circulation department can put a hold on delivery until your return.

Postpone parcel deliveries. If you are expecting a package, contact the sender to postpone the delivery until you return. If there is a large box on your front steps for a few days, it is only inviting a potential burglar to investigate its contents and realize you are not at home

Imitate everyday habits. Use timers on your lights or leave some window shades down to give the impression that someone is at home. If you normally have a car parked in your driveway, ask a neighbor to park their car there.

Keep your lawn mowed. The lawn will grow while you are away and this can signal anyone driving by your home that you are not there to take care of it. Hire someone to mow it for you if you will be away for an extended period of time.

Don't advertise your absence. Don't leave an outgoing message on your home email account or phone voicemail that you will be away. You do not want the wrong person to have access to that information.

Use your alarm system. Be sure to set your home security system before you leave and let the company know how you can be reached in the event your alarm goes off. It is also a good idea to use a local trusted friend or neighbor as a contact who can respond to an alarm.

Contact your local police department. Many departments offer courtesy checks of your house while you are away. Their added presence in your neighborhood may help to deter anyone who does not belong there.

Secure valuables. Do not leave valuables or electronics within view from a window. Use a home safe or safety deposit box if you can.

Lock all doors and windows. The one door that many people do not lock regularly is the one leading to the house from the garage. If someone can access your garage, they will then have access to your house. Be sure to secure sliding glass doors as well.

Enlist the help of a neighbor. Having someone do a walk around the house and checking for anything that might be out of the ordinary is always a good idea. A lot of neighborhoods have a crime watch established. Having others willing to be your extra eyes when you are away is always beneficial.

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